• Phen375 Review - Does this Fat Burner Diet Pill Really Work?

  • A Skeptic's Review On Phen375


    I don't know about you, but I think my husband and I have tried just about everything there is to lose weight. Try after try, though, the only thing that seems to be slimmer is our wallet. So, when we started reading all the Phen375 reviews, we were skeptical about its claims. After all, we have tried and reviewed seemingly endless diet pills, powders, shakes and plans without getting the results we were after. Not only have we tried enough "lose weight quick" plans and gimmicks to know most are empty claims, we have been disappointed by getting our hopes up and not seeing our weight go down.


    We were really skeptical about Phen375 because it promised extreme weight loss and warned that it wasn't recommended for the casual dieter or those who had just a few pounds to lose. Claims of extreme weight loss through this magic pill were just too much for us to believe and for a long time, we scoffed at the idea of successful weight loss in pill form.


    But, as it seems to always happen, after another unsuccessful round of dieting and exercise, we knew we needed to try something else. Talking with friends who had recently lost over fifty pounds, we asked them what their secret was. Imagine our surprise when they told us they were walking daily, but really felt the true secret to their success had been incorporating Phen375 into their daily routine. Seeing their success and hearing how easy it was for them to incorporate it into their routine made us rethink our original position on Phen375 and so we decided to look further into it.


    When we looked closer into Phen375 reviews, though, we were encouraged by what we read. Countless users posted their Phen375 review raving about their results and stating things like "nothing else worked," or "I faithfully dieted and exercised without seeing any results," and "I had given up hope until I found Phen375 diet pills." When we saw that these users were as jaded and reticent as we were to try something new but pushed past their doubt and tried it anyway, we decided to take their reviews to heart and try it for ourselves.


    Before we placed our order for Phen375 diet pills, though, we wanted to know more about it. Here's what we discovered when we looked into Phen375 and what we think you need to know to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it's the right choice for you.


  • What is Phen375?​

    Phen375 is a powerfully potent diet pill designed for people who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight through diet and exercise. It's not for people who have just a few pounds to drop and it's not for people who expect to see overnight results. For people with a lot of weight to lose and for who diet and exercise haven't worked, Phen375 is one of the most powerful weight loss aids available without a prescription. It helps suppress your appetite, feel fuller longer and increase your body's ability to burn fat and calories. Typical user reviews report an average weight loss of about twenty pounds per month and seems like a realistic expectation and goal.

  • What are the Ingredients in Phen375?


    Phen375 ingredients are scientifically and specially formulated to work synergistically to deliver fast, safe and effective weight loss. It won't happen overnight, but the weight loss you will see will be steady and faster than you may have imagined possible. Here's what's in it and what each of the ingredients is meant to do in aiding your weight loss:

    • L-Carnitine: an amino acid that helps your body burn fat and transform it into energy.
    • Coleus Forskohlii: boosts blood circulation in fatty tissue and activates lipolysis.
    • Capsicum: also known as cayenne, this natural ingredient raises your body temperature to help you burn more calories.
    • Calcium Carbonate: strengthens the tissue of the bone and helps to prevent gastrointestinal disorders.
    • Chromium Picolinate: helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and protects against cardiovascular disease.
    • Dendribium Nobile Extract: assists in improving memory, mental focus and attention and also helps reduce stress levels.
    • Citrus Aurantium extract: helps boost metabolism and suppress appetite.
    • Caffeine Anhydrous: helps suppress appetite.

    As you can see, most of the ingredients in Phen375 are designed to boost your body's ability to burn fat while others provide appetite suppression or general health benefits. Everything included in the formula is a high quality, scientifically proven effective component blended to help you burn fat and drop pounds without feeling hungry and deprived.


  • What are the Side Effects of Taking Phen375?


    As with all diet pills, there are some side effects you should be aware of and take into consideration before trying Phen375. The most commonly reported side effects include:

    • Irregular sleeping patterns or difficulty sleeping.
    • An increase in your heart rate.
    • Elevated blood pressure levels.
    • Mild dizziness.
    • Diarrhea or occasional loose stools.

    These side effects are reported with almost every diet pill we've ever used or read about, so we weren't put off by them. For people with heart conditions or elevated blood pressure, though, we highly recommend you talk to your doctor before taking Phen375.


  • Where Do I Buy Phen375 and How Much Does it Cost?


    We bought our Phen375 online directly from the manufacturer and strongly recommend you do, too, if you decide to buy it. Through our research we found numerous knock offs, fakes and copies and their efficacy and more importantly, safety, cannot be verified. Authentic Phen375 is made in the United States in an FDA Pharmaceutical Registered Lab that is held to strict quality control standards.


    For a bottle of thirty pills, the cost is $69.95 and is a good,option for people who want to try the product or have less than fifty pounds to lose. A sixty pill bottle is $138.90, only a dollar savings over ordering two thirty pill bottles, but you will save money on the shipping and handling costs. An economy size of ninety pills comes with a limited time bonus of a free bottle of thirty pills and a diet booklet so you get 120 pills and expert tips and advice for $227.80. This bonus offer is a great option when it's going to be used by two or more people in the house or for splitting costs with a weight loss partner so you both save on shipping costs.

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  • What's the Final Verdict on Phen375?


    We've struggled with weight loss and are happy to report this pill seemed to give us the boost we needed to finally get noticeable results. It didn't happen overnight, but within the first month, I lost eighteen pounds and my husband lost twenty pounds. These results were far better than anything else we've ever tried.


    Of course, we watched what we ate and tried to get at least twenty minutes of exercise a day four times a week, but we'd been doing that before trying Phen375 and weren't getting these kinds of results. In our opinion, the addition of Phen375 into our daily routine has helped us shed stubborn pounds and inches and we plan to keep taking it until we reach our final weight loss goals.


    After our research and the results we got during the first month, we feel confident recommending Phen375 to others who have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully. It worked for us and we think it can work for you, too.


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